Welcome to YilinWoodProduction, China's number 1 woodworking factory

We are very happy to welcome you to our website. YilinWoodProduction is one of China's largest and absolutely one of the best woodworking factory's, manufacturing steam saunas, barrel saunas, red cedar hottubs and many more wellness products made to you specifications.
All products can be delivered as complete end products as well as diy kits ready for assembly in 20, 40 and 40 feet HQ containers. Kits contain all parts needed to easily assemble the products and it will save considerably on shipping costs.

What can we do

No matter where you are located, YilinWoodProduction can be of service. Our team of professionals is ready to deliver high end wellness products. As we are both manufacturer and distributor, we can supply both low and high volumes of our products. Interested? Please contact us here.
We are experts when it comes to working with red cedar wood. The red cedar we use is original Canadian red cedar of the highest quality. It's not only beautiful, but also one of the must durable and therefore suitable wood types available today. All the wood we use has been safely planted and harvested and therefore environmental friendly.

Steam saunas
Our steam powered sauna line contains a wide range of high quality saunas. These saunas range from 2-3 persons to 6-10 persons. They are made of the highest quality available wood (many options are available, like Aspen wood and red cedar).

Infrared saunas
YilinWoodProduction is China's leading manufacturer when it comes to infrared powered saunas. You will find no second factory with the know-how and experience when it comes to all the components used in these highly user friendly saunas. Of course many wood types are available and we can produce according to your specifications. On the other hand we have a wide range of 2-3 to 6-10 person infrared saunas which have proven their qualities to many happy users worldwide.

Barrel saunas
Our barrel saunas are a real success as they not only provide the user with a fantastic sauna experience, but also offer a great outdoor experience. Next to the sauna functionalities the barrel saunas can be used as a small garden house or spare sleeping facility when not used as saunas.

Nothing relaxes more than a nice soak in one of our wooden hottubs. We manufacture fantastic high quality wooden hottubs out of Canadian red cedar wood. Our hottubs are made to the highest specifications, meaning that they are assembled without glue or any other fitting material. Great woodwork means a completely leak-free product which will offer the user many years of wellness at home.

A modern facility

Our factory is located in China. It is equipped with the latest woodworking machines and equipment to provide not only a safe working environment for our respected employees, but also to produce wellness products of the highest quality. Contact us here to discus the possibilities.