We have a broad experience producing all kinds of hottubs. A hottub is a wooden red cedar tub containing warm water which is heated by a seperate external kettle. We can deliver many sizes of hottubs, but also the needed kettle.

Red cedar wooden hottubs
All the hottubs we manufacture are made of Canadian red cedar wood. This is without doubt the highest quality wood to produce hottubs. Due to costs, many competitors use cheaper wood, but as we are a very large manufacturer of wooden wellness products, we can deliver red cedar hottubs for a better price than our competitor can deliver their non-cedar hottubs!

Our hottub program contains the following sizes:

91,4cm high & 120cm width (2 persons)
91,4cm high & 150cm width (3/5 persons)
91,4cm high & 180cm width (4/6 persons)
91,4cm high & 210cm width (5/7 persons)

106,7cm high & 120cm width (2 persons)
106,7cm high & 150cm width (3/5 persons)
106,7cm high & 180cm width (4/6 persons)
106,7cm high & 210cm width (5/7 persons)

Of course we can also manufacture to your exact specifications. Contact us here to discuss the possibilities.