Press release 15/11/2010

YilinWoodProduction factory focuses on their wellness line
One of China’s largest woodworking factories, YilinWoodProduction, has recently decided to focus solely on the production of wellness products as they received more and more requests regarding these products. In cooperation with experts Yilin has started fabrication of infrared saunas in 2000. Their product range recently has been expanded with barrel saunas and hot tubs. Also new is the ‘Exclusive’ line, developed to compete at the highest level of quality at reasonable prices. Now, Yilin is looking to expand its dealer network in Europe.

All barrel saunas and hot tubs produced by Yilin are manufactured of high quality materials, such as 44mm thick red cedar or other high quality wood types(Hemlock). Aside from a high finishing level, Yilin developed an accessory line to complete the wellness experience: from towel racks to cup holders, Yilin can help you. Of course Yilin can also produce specifically to the manufacturers specifications, but it also designs and produces their own product line consisting of steam saunas, infrared saunas, barrel saunas and hot tubs.

The latest supplements to the product range
The latest supplements to the product range are the barrel saunas and hot tubs. Yilin produces several models varying in size and heating method (barrel saunas: electric or wood stove) to fit everyone’s needs. These barrel saunas and hot tubs complement the extensive and successful infrared sauna line already produced by Yilin. Top of the line is the new ‘Exclusive’ range with an 8mm full glass door, adjustable backrests, color therapy, remote control and more.

About Yilin
Being located in China and using modern techniques, Yilin is able to produce high quality wellness products at reasonable prices. As many contact persons at Yilin are European, the main obstacle of ordering in China (cultural differences) is nonexistent. Also, Yilin carries a large stock located in both Chinese and European offices to facilitate swift delivery worldwide. At the moment Yilin is looking for new dealers for their wellness products in Europe. Are you interested in selling Yilin products? Contact us here.

About us

YilinWoodProduction was established in 1991 as a furniture manufacturing company. During its existence the factory has been continuously updated to create a more versatile and smooth manufacturing process and the focus has shifted towards manufacturing wellness products. This means that our factory and equipment contain modern woodworking tools to produce wellness products with the highest possible finish.

YilinWoodProduction has been FSC certified. Click here to read more.

The management team consists of a multi cultural team, meaning we understand the different cultures worldwide and are ready to do business with them. We speak the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, German and Dutch. If you contact us, please contact us here.

Our employees
We believe that happy employees produce the best products. Therefore we take good care of them and make sure that they are well taught on how to handle the special equipment needed for woodworking. We also provide safe working conditions in and around our factory. This results in happy team members of which many who started working with us in 1991 are still working at YilinWoodProduction to date.

Visit us
We would be glad to receive you as a visitor at our factory and office to show you how our products are being manufactured and to discuss your wishes. Contact us here to make an appointment.